The Auto Show

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Think of a specialized Auto Show. Sleek, shiny displays of all the latest scientific gizmos designed to analyze and supercharge your ride. Experts on hand to tell you what’s new in racing fuel technology, eager to explain about every imaginable additive and how to get the most out of your engine. Now if you [...]

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Our Ribbon Cutting event was a time to reflect. The doc went way back to her teenage years when she first saw Poulsbo, visiting her Aunt, from her home in Michigan. She told of falling in love with the area, and then of bringing me here on vacation soon after we were married - [...]

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Ribbon Cutting: Monday April 24, 2017

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I remember a time when we were kids when my brother didn’t want to eat meatloaf one night, and I found out it was because he had seen it being put together that afternoon. Somehow the raw ingredients didn’t look very appetizing squishing through mom’s fingers. Things aren’t always pretty in the making, and our [...]

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