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Kitsap Medical Weight Loss provides a long-term partnership in weight loss and management.


After seeing almost everything in 16 years of primary care medicine, Dr. Stehouwer became convinced that the proper treatment and care of the chronic disease of obesity and overweight can do more to improve a patient’s over-all health than any other aspect of medical care. Kitsap Medical Weight Loss was created to be a place where patients partner with the doctor in taking proactive health measures, rather than being a “repair shop” where symptoms are treated.

Dr. Ellen K Stehouwer is a graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, and completed her residency at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. She was a primary care physician in Port Orchard from 2003 up until opening Kitsap Medical Weight Loss. Her vast experience as a Family Practice physician will assist her in helping patients deal with any complications they bring to the weight loss process.

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Kitsap Medical Weight Loss offers patients the opportunity to partner with a Board Certified Bariatric physician who approaches obesity/overweight as a chronic disease. We use state of the art diagnostics, and a multidimensional approach with therapy including nutritional, metabolic/biochemical, psychological, and behavioral aspects. Because obesity is a chronic disease, KMWL will work with the patients to not just lose the weight, but maintain that loss.

The most unique thing about Kitsap Medical Weight Loss is its’ proactive medical approach to treating overweight and obese patients. Getting to a healthier body weight and composition can by itself alleviate or remove chronic conditions and physical complaints that otherwise would be treated individually, as symptoms to be suffered through. KMWL is the only medical alternative to the commercial diet programs and food replacement systems in the West Sound. Patients aren’t locked into a program or a boring routine of the same products over and over. Each patient is treated with the proper care and support they need, based on their needs, preferences and circumstances.

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As a medical practice, Kitsap Medical Weigh Loss is on the cutting edge of obesity medicine. Dr. Stehouwer is the only Board Certified Bariatric physician in the entire West Sound region. Kitsap Medical Weight Loss is unique because it’s a doctor/patient relationship that will always be tailored to the patients’ individual situation. We are not trying to sell a food replacement system, and it is not a “diet program.” Medications such as phentermine, are often prescribed as a tool to help in the weight loss process.

The first visit includes a medical history, a physical exam, a complete body composition scan, several lab tests (some will have EKG), an educational session in a group setting, and a private consultation with the doctor. The first visit takes around 2.5 to 3 hours. Medications are dispensed if prescribed at the office at the end of the visit.

Follow up visits are monthly, and depending on how things are going for the patient are 30 minutes or less.

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Kitsap Medical Weight Loss provides a long-term partnership in weight loss and management. The doctor uses state-of-the-art diagnostics, provides the most advanced nutritional counseling, and prescribes medications to help you with the process.

Initial visit: $285 plus medications
First follow-up visit: $90 plus medications
Additional follow-up visits: $75 plus medications

Military discount 10%
Chamber of Commerce discount 10%
Referral discount $20 each for the referring patient and the new patient
Family discount 50% off initial visit for household members of patients

Nutritional food supplements available upon request.

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What Our Patients Say!

“I highly recommend a visit to Kitsap Medical Weight Loss for help with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight!   I am truly impressed with this clinic’s wonderful, caring team, and am so thankful that Kitsap County now has a board certified Bariatric doctor!    Dr. Stehouwer is the one to see whether you are a little or a lot overweight.  She educates, supports and provides the tools with a diet that can easily be followed with, of course, some patient dedication!  It is now my diet for life after losing 10 lbs in the first month, 45 total after appx 7 months.   The entire staff is equally excited about each patient’s success, they truly care and as well they “practice what they preach” … the entire team follows the same diet.  Dr. Stehouwer cares about you at a personal level.  I always appreciate how she takes time to talk with me about how I am feeling and that she cares about me as a whole, not just a person on a diet.  She has the knowledge and skill pertaining to weight loss that the Family Practice doctor doesn’t have, and the plan works.

Thank you Dr. Stehouwer and Staff, you are great!”


“We’ve all been on diets and all failed. Well, this time Skip and I desperately needed help to overcome my limited mobility due to back surgery that didn’t go as expected. Kitsap Medical Weight Loss ISN”T a diet. It’s a life style change that has been the most positive thing to happen to us in years, and years. We learned what our worst enemy is when eating… CARBOHYDRATES. After 5 months we’ve both lost over 35 pounds and have learned we eat to live, not live to eat. Dr. Ellen and her staff have been incredible. The first month was very difficult but we learned what we could and couldn’t eat and received lots of positive support suggestions and recipes to try.
And we don’t even miss potatoes, pasta or French fries any more. For the first time for as long as I can remember I can see my toes. Some visceral fat disappears in the first two weeks. It gives you more incentive to keep going. I am more mobile and stand up straighter and walk better. GIVE IT A TRY. You won’t be disappointed. ”

“This practice is such a gem in Poulsbo. Excellent support and attention. Superior resources and surprisingly affordable. I’ve seen a lot of success and I tell everyone I know about it!”

“I love the compassion and one on one time. You guys really truly care about your patients. And I learn something new everytime I come. I am a lifetime client for sure!”

Happy Client

“Positive attitude that started at walking in door. Looking forward to the adventure with your support!”

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The sooner you get the right support, the sooner you’ll start getting healthy.



We believe that proper treatment and care can do more to improve a patient’s over-all health than any other aspect of medical care.


Dr. Ellen K Stehouwer provides a medical approach to weight loss. Get professional, educational, medical advice in both private consultations and group settings.


KMWL is not a diet program, it’s a multidimensional, scientific approach to weight loss that is tailored to an individuals personal needs and preferences.